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After Divorce

A compassionate approach to helping you and your kids heal and grow after divorce.

Grounded in research and evidence-based practices, Zainab has created a methodology to help you heal and thrive through and after your divorce. Through her own journey, Zainab has learned to use Behaviour Analysis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Positive Parenting Practices and Mindfulness to transform her life, her relationship with her children and redefine their new family. She is a firm believer that divorce is not the end of anything, but the chance to transform life in ways you never thought possible.

Behaviour Analysis
Based on psychology and theories of learning
Cognitive & Behavioural therapy to increase psychological flexibility
Focuses on making sense of what is happening and your perceptions
Positive Parenting
A method to help you guide your children adjust and cope
Process to help you bring your attention to the present without judgement

What Does This
Mean for You?

It means you will learn how to use proven ways to have FREEDOM from your:

  • limiting thoughts
  • destructive behaviours
  • financial insecurities
  • repeating harmful parenting practices

It means you will be able to create a life that is overflowing with FEARLESSNESS, HAPPINESS AND HOPEFULNESS.


Made for Everyone

Working with Zainab and using the strategies of her program, you will look BACK in awe, you’ll look at NOW and be proud, and you’ll look to the FUTURE with a smile. Book your CLARITY call now to talk about your story and how you can move forward, the right way.
6 Weeks
  • Access to private mentoring group
  • 6 LIVE group coaching sessions
  • Access to all resources and professional network
  • Early access to all publications & events
3 Months
  • 2 LIVE group coaching sessions per month
  • 3 private LEVEL UP Calls with Zainab
  • Sample parenting & vision plans
  • And everything from divorce accelerated
6 Months
  • 12 private LEVEL UP Calls with Zainab
  • 2 LIVE group coaching sessions per month
  • Support with writing parenting plans
  • And everything from divorce accelerated

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